Money Launding

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Money Launding ( Performance )

Artist : Xiao Lu

Performance Time: PM, 27-30 August, 2015

Location: Red Store Bay, Gothenburg, Sweden

Art Festival: Live Action 10 - Gothenburg # Time

Creator: Jonas Stampe

Video: Zhang zhiqiang

Edit: Xiao Lu









About Money Liundering

It was a repetitive and slow performance, an action which women have done for thousands of years. But of course with a signification beyond that of only cleaning household linen. Xiao Lu’s Money Laundry have many layers of meaning. Its inherent geo-economical gender critique linking an ordinary and functional action of daily life of women in development countries to a developed country like Sweden. It also connects this simple act, to keep the family and the house clean, with the positive function of not being dirty, but to stay human with dignity, to one of the worlds worst plagues, money laundry, tax evasion,criminal activities and the concealment of assets from the state. By replacing the normal household linen washed with these new objects she formulates a profound yet astounding critique of todays economical inequalities. 

—— Jonas Stampe