Suspension (Performance)

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Suspension ( Installation / Performance )

Artist: Xiao Lu

Performance Time: afternoon, 16th Feb. 2017

Location: Skövde Art Museum (Konstmuseet), Sweden

Materials: two blocks of frozen ink, two blocks of frozen water, a mat, xuan rice paper and a white dress

Exhibition: Xiao Lu Solo Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 16 February -  23 April 2017

Curator: Jonas Stampe




Performance process:

Two blocks of frozen water and two blocks of frozen ink suspended mid-air, drip continuously onto xuan rice paper. Xiao Lu walks towards the first black ice block, caresses it and spins it, moaning softly, letting the black ink drip onto her white dress. Then she walks towards the second transparent ice block, raises her head to stare at it, suddenly screams, her voice echoing through the air.  Walking back and forth between the transparent and the black ice blocks, she is having a dialogue with the ice using the language of her voice and her body. 


Suspension video ( Part)

Video: Carolina Jonsson

Edit: Xiao Lu