Tides (Performance)

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Tides ( Performance )

Artist: Xiao Lu

Performance Time: Early morning, 18th Jan, 2019

Location: A beach near Sydney, Australia

Material: 30 Bamboo poles, Red skirts

Exhibition: Xiao Lu: Impossible Dialogue

Location: 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Australia

Exhibition period: 19th Jan. - 24th March, 2019

Curator: Claire Roberts, Mikala Tai, Xu Hong

Photography by Jacquie Manning




About “ Tides”

From 1989 to 2019, from China to Australia, a history of 30 years. On a beach in Sydney, facing the incoming tide, Xiao Lu plants 30 bamboo poles, one by one, into the sand at first light. The performance landscape created by Xiao Lu’s action and the waves refers to the past and the future, resistance and letting go, the individual and history.

- Xiao Lu / Translator by Claire Roberts



http://www.4a.com.au/xiao-lu-impossible-dialogue/  Xiao Lu solo show exhibition website


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"Tides" video (Part )

Video: Yang Ping, David Ma, Kai Wasikowski

Edit: Xiao Lu