Coil (Performance)

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Coil ( Instalation / Performance )

Artist: Xiao Lu

Performance Time: 28th April 2018

Location: Beijing Skew house ( Xiao Lu studio)

Xiao Lu Studio Project: Coil

Materials: cigars made of absinthe leaves, 180 x 80cm plexiglass box (with 20 holes of 2cm diameter each), red skirt, matches and lighters

Photography: Yu Mo, Yi zilei

Video: Zhang Weimin

Edit:Xiao Lu



Performance Description

Xiao Lu stands inside the plexiglass box, while the audience burns cigars made of absinthe leaves and inserts them into the holes of the box. As the fog intensifies, she starts to cough, cry and scream…  

《糾》-1 摄影:禹墨.jpg

About “Coil”

Moxibustion; spreading in an almost enclosed space. The despair of suffocation and the entanglement of powerlessness and helplessness, lead to the boundary between death and hope.

— Xiao Lu


Coil video ( Part )

Video: Zhang Weimin

Edit: Xiao Lu