Drunk (Performance)

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Drunk ( Performance )

Artist: Xiao Lu

Performance time: Evening, 15 October 2009

Location: La Bellone, Brussels, Belgium.

Materials: Sixteen bottles of red wine, wine glass, music, red & white skirt.

Progject: Women and Performance

Curator: Berenice Angremy



Performance Progress

Sixteen bottles of red wine were arranged in a circle, and Xiao Lu began to drink. When she got to the fourth glass, the viewers of their own accord came up to her to clink glasses and drink with her. As the amount of alcohol increased, she slowly became drunk, vomited and kept speaking English with the audience. Although Xiao Lu, after getting drunk, was conscious of being very weak, she subconsciously was still tenaciously holding out until she completed her work. At last the ambulance arrived. She was taken to hospital and only came to next morning.


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About Drunk

Xiao Lu's artwork Drunk was not only a personal emotional catharsis for the artist. On the spiritual level it was also involved breaking through worldly constraints, in a free liberation transcending the boundaries between rational and emotional.

- Shao Yiyang