15 Shots…From 1989 to 2003

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Artist: Xiao Lu

Performance time: 19  October 2003

Place: A Bachang, Beijing.

Materials: Black/White Photographs, glass, frames, 54-style pistol (photograph), 77- style pistol (shooting), 15 bullets.

Photography: Li Songsong


Production process

Take fifteen framed works to the shooting. Range, and uses a 77 pistol to fire at each one, fifteen shots in all.

15 shoots single .jpg

About Fifteen Shots…From 1989 to 2003


The sky Knows.


The earth Knows,

Without love;

Without hate,

The devil knows.

I am no good at theoretical explanation, and even worse at talking about art, all I know is real life. As a work, its from, for me, is just an internal necessity. It can be a painting or a poem. Perhaps it requires a gun. All of this is decided by your own psychological tendencies, your disposition. This is not anything that can be explained by the word “art”, but rather a survival instinct, your very lift.

Xiao Lu 

December 23, 2003 in Beijing